Bloodwork Services for Pets

A simple method used to diagnose and treat ailments in pets.

When trying to assess your pet's overall health our team relies on diagnostic testing to show us what we can't see. At Ajax Animal Hospital, we use our in-house laboratory and IDEXX Reference Laboratory for prompt results. Our well-equipped laboratory has state of the art equipment that is constantly being updated with high quality control standards. This laboratory is managed by highly qualified and trained Registered Veterinary Technicians. The fact that we have an on-site laboratory permits us to get results for many tests in a timely manner. This ability is often life-saving as it allows us to gain critical information while treating emergency patients and ensures the convenience of achieving diagnostic answers during your veterinary appointment in many cases. The reference lab has experts in bacteriology, endocrinology and pathology.

How often should my pet have bloodwork done?

Your pet should have bloodwork annually during their veterinary exam. There are other instances when a veterinarian may recommend that your pet needs blood work.

  1. Your pet is starting a new medication or treatment
  2. If your pet is symptomatic - blood work can diagnose various conditions and infections
  3. Pre-anesthetic testing - if your pet has an upcoming surgery, blood work can help us determine what the safe amount of anesthesia is for your pet
  4. During their senior wellness exam - seniors are more susceptible to developing conditions and regular blood work helps us catch those underlying issues early

How can I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

For scheduled blood tests your pet needs to fast for 6-12 hours before the appointment. This ensures that we get a good blood sample that can yield accurate results. On occasion our veterinarians may run impromptu blood tests for urgent and emergency cases. If you have more questions we encourage you to call us at 905-683-6430.

Will my pet feel pain?

Our veterinary care team is very compassionate with your cherished pets. When blood is being withdrawn from your pet they will feel a pinch similar to when they are getting vaccines. It is over within seconds before they notice. If you wish, you may also bring their favourite item to make them more comfortable.

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