Euthanasia Services for Pets

Ensuring your pet gets the best care during their last moments.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to make the decision to euthanize pets. As much as you want your beloved companions to always be with you forever, they age faster and will reach the end of their life within your lifetime. When it's time for your pet to peacefully pass away, we are here to provide you with support and make you aware of all the options available to you. To learn more about euthanasia, please call us at 905-683-6430.

What is pet euthanasia?

Euthanasia is a medical assisted death. It is pain-free and allows your pet to have a respectful passing. You can have peace of mind knowing that even in your pet's final moments they will be treated with compassion. To begin the process the veterinarian will sedate them, then administer the euthanasia medication. The medication acts quickly and within minutes your pet will fall into a deep sleep. We will give you some privacy to say your final goodbye before or after the procedure.

When is the right time?

Euthanasia is the last resort in all cases. Your veterinarian will attempt to treat your pet's condition or provide palliative care, which is provided to ensure your loyal companion is comfortable and not in pain. In most cases if your pet has chronic pain, terminal illness or severe trauma, euthanasia will be recommended. Although you can never fully prepare yourself for the procedure, our veterinarians will give you some time to decide if you want to go ahead with it. If you agree with the recommendation, our team will explain the process and provide recommendations to support groups or literature to help you grieve.

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