Permanent identification for your pet to ensure a happy reunion should they ever get lost.

Pets are very curious, social and playful and in some instances, this can lead to them getting lost. To ensure your loyal companion always makes it home, you provide them with collars and tags to identify them with. Microchips are another form of ID that can give you peace of mind that if your pet is ever lost, you can one day be reunited with your pet. The chips are about the size of a rice grain and are completely safe for your pet. To discuss microchipping for your pet, give us a call at 905-683-6430.

What is microchipping?

Microchipping is a quick process of implanting a tiny chip to help identify your pet. Microchips are usually inserted with a special needle and are placed under the skin at the nape of the neck. Each chip has an ID number that can be detected with a special scanner, which most veterinary hospitals and animal shelters will have. After the chip is implanted, the pet is registered by uploading the owner's contact details. This information is stored in the chip manufacturer's database.

Is microchipping painful?

No. It is relatively pain-free and our team is very gentle with our patients. We are specially trained to keep pets calm as we offer our services. In many cases the chip can be implanted when the pet is already under anesthesia for another service, like neutering or spaying.

Why is microchipping recommended?

When your pet is microchipped, they have a permanent form of identification on them. Once properly implanted the chip cannot get removed or lost unlike physical IDs. A collar or ID tag is still necessary but the microchip serves as a backup if those fail. With a microchip, pet parents still have hope that even after years, their lost pet may be found and identified.

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