Surgical Services for Pets

Life-saving procedures performed by skilled veterinarians.

Our veterinarians provide many surgical services at our clinic, ranging from routine to advanced procedures. As we want to ensure that our patients receive the best possible outcome, we occasionally refer them to specialists (board-certified veterinary surgeons) that perform complex operations when advanced equipment or training will be beneficial. Our veterinary team will take precautions to ensure that your pet receives a safe anesthetic. We perform a physical exam and pre-anesthetic testing before surgery, monitor your pet during surgery, and provide comprehensive pain control during recovery.

How can I prepare my pet for surgery?

The general guidelines to prepare your pet for a procedure include withholding food and water by midnight before the day of surgery. Eating after that time can cause complications for the procedure. It is also a good idea to ensure that your pet's vaccines are up-to-date prior to the surgery. Our team will provide any other specific instructions once you book an appointment.

What types of surgeries do you offer?

We perform the following surgeries in our hospital:

  1. Spays (Ovariohysterectomy or Ovariectomy)
  2. Neuters (Castration/Orchiectomy)
  3. Abdominal
  4. Surgical Biopsy
  5. Soft tissue surgery
  6. Orthopedic surgery

How long will it take for my pet to recover from surgery?

This truly depends on the type of surgery your pet had. For some surgeries like spays or neuters your pet can recover after two weeks, while bone surgeries can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months for pets to heal. There's a lot that can influence your pet's recovery such as laser therapy which we now proudly offer. It is also important to follow the veterinarians instructions, administer pain medication on time and keep the surgical wound dry and clean. To speak with our team about your pet's recovery, give us a call at 905-683-6430.

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