Barbara CSR

We would like to wish Barbara a happy retirement and thank her for all of the amazing years she has dedicated into making a difference for all of our clients and patients' lives! We will miss her!

Barb Van Beek is a warm and smiling member of our front office team.  She is teased by other staff members because with her friendly English accent, it sounds as though she introduces herself as "Bob" when she answers the phone!  An experience veterinary receptionist, she is very good at explaining treatments and medications to clients and is effective in helping people arrange for their pet's care. In fact, you might even see her at the Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham Region where she works occasionally.

Barb flew across the pond many years ago to work as a nanny for one of the doctors. After her childcare duties were finished, Barb took a job at the clinic as one of our receptionists. Barb has been part of our team for over 25 years, only taking time off in the middle to raise her 2 sons, Marc and Ryan, who are now all grown up.

When not at the clinic, Barb enjoys time with her partner Steve and they are both foodies who love trying new types of cuisine.  She is outdoorsy and likes going to the cottage and reading good books.

Fast Facts: Over 25 years at AAH! Friendly and effective communication skills. Compassionate animal lover!