Dr. Kasia Hering


Dr. Kasia Hering
Dr. Kasia Hering DVM

Originally from Montreal, Dr. Kasia Hering started her post-secondary education with a B.Sc. in Resource Conservation from McGill and when she was volunteering at the Toronto Wildlife Centre she decided that caring for animals was what she wanted to do!  Kasia is a 2003 graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College and during her studies she pursued the opportunity to travel with a Veterinary Outreach Project to collaborate with veterinarians and study Harpy Eagles and Sea Turtles.  She even received an award from her classmates for the person who received the most out of her Global Vets experience in Venezuela - A Husband!  Her travels have lead her to learn how to also speak Spanish, German and French.

With many years of experience in both companion animal practice and emergency hospital work, Kasia brings a calm and caring manner to her patient care and client communications. She has special interests in Ophthalmology, Soft Tissue surgery and Veterinary Dentistry.  In 2019, Dr. Hering completed training in a Surgical Procedure to treat dogs with Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture.

Kasia and her husband Jose have two beautiful daughters, Aniela and Lili. They share their mom's love of animals and keep their parents busy with dance lessons, sailing and alpine sports!  Their rescue pets are named Molly, the active and playful Yellow Lab cross, Mo, the gorgeous grey Long-haired cat and the baby of the family, Otto (who looks like Mo's mini-me).  When she gets a chance to travel now, she loves to spend time at the beach  and at home, she enjoys trying out new recipes (the AAH team loves when she brings them in to share!).  Interesting fact - Kasia is an accomplished accordion player and she was in a Ska Band "back in the day".

Degrees:  BSc, McGill University, DVM, Ontario Veterinary College 2003.

Special Interests: Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Soft Tissue Surgery & Dentistry